1 Fell dead hawthorn 2 Judas tree – crown lift to 2m above ground level 3 Mock acacia – crown lift 2m above ground level 4 Red sycamore – crown lift 2m above ground level 5 Group of three silver birches – crown lift 3m above ground level 6 Whitebeam – Crown lift 1.5m above ground level 7 Holly – Reduce central stem by 4m 8 Copper beech – Crown lift 3m above ground level 9 Group of three limes – Crown lift to 1.5m above ground level 10 Row of yews – Reduce height by 1m and cut back by 2m 11 Beech – Crown lift 3m above sloping ground levels 12 Row of leylandii – Reduce height by 2.5m and cut back by 1m 13 Fell dead rowan 14 Willow – Remove sagged horizontal branches up to 3m above ground level 15 Willow – Remove fallen storm damaged limb and pollard to fence height 16 Willows – Fell two dead willows in this group in the middle of the filed 17 Ash – Remove top dead limb 18 Horse chestnut – Diseased.

Application Decided

4 Westfield Lane Collingham Newark On Trent NG23 7LN

Update from EMR: Strike Action Information for Friday 1 to Saturday 9 December

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Industrial action is being taken by members of the ASLEF union, representing train drivers, and will affect 16 train companies. This is being conducted in a new staggered approach, affecting different train operators on different days. Unfortunately, this will mean that customers could be impacted by a complicated period of reduced services, possible delays and disruption.