Annual Parish Meeting

The 2024 Parish Meeting for Collingham Parish will be held on 11th April at 6:30pm at the Youth & Community Centre on Low Street.  

Although the meeting is organised by the Parish Council, it is for every elector in the parish of Collingham, Brough, Danethorpe and Danethorpe Hill.  

By law, every parish must hold a Parish Meeting at least once a year. The main differences between these and a Parish Council meeting are as follows.  

  • Any matter concerning the parish may be discussed at a Parish Meeting, whereas Parish Council meetings should only discuss matters on which the council has powers to act. Additionally, any person on the Parish’s electoral register may speak at a Parish Meeting, at a council meeting members of the public speak at the chairman’s discretion.  
  • Although Parish Meetings can be chaired by any elector present, if the Parish Council chairman is present, they must chair the meeting. Likewise, the Parish Council Clerk will normally organise the meeting and take the minutes. And often, they take place at the same time and venue as a Parish Council Meeting.  

Please let us know if you are attending, so we can make sure there is enough cake! Also please let us know if you would like to speak on your own behalf or that of an organisation so we can create a rough running order.   

RSVP to Harriet Boyd at or phone 01636 555700.

An agenda will be sent to anyone who has RSVPed and published in all the usual places on Friday. 

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