February Update

The Parish Council monthly meetings take place at the Collingham Youth and Community Centre. The public are welcome – joining details on parish noticeboards or from the Clerk. The next meeting is on the 22nd February 2024 6.30pm, with meetings held on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Don’t forget we are updating our website and are on Facebook, so keep watching for news and fresh content – tell us what you think.

The Parish Council has moved forward with other recently made resolutions and activities, including:

Flooding – The Flood wardens helped with distribution of aqua sacs to properties on Low Street and Besthorpe Road. Our local Firefighters helped within the effected areas ensuring the residents and animals were safe. Looking ahead we are in contact with Nottingham County Council, more flood warning notices and training in place for more flood wardens. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for helping.

Neighbourhood Plan We have begun the preparation of multiple focus groups, we will be posting updated on our notice boards and social media. Anyone who has already expressed a direct interest will be contacted.

Extreme Wheels – Indoor sessions with a reduced minimum age to nine have been going on this winter, so far it has been a big success. They have been doing slacklining, retro gaming and generally socialising in a safe and fun environment.

Best Kept Village – It’s early days, but we have just heard that the competition is to return this year. Hopefully we will tell you more next month!

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