Mobile Signal in and around Collingham

The Parish Council has received the following information from Wes Schreuer, the VirginmediaO2 Parliamentary Liaison Officer.

Hope you are well and thank you for your patience while I have been investigating this matter with our networking engineering team.

Upon investigation, the team has relayed that we have had to remove a mast in this area, and we are actively working to obtain the required permissions to locate a temporary site and in addition to a permanent replacement site. In the meantime, we have upgraded some of our surrounding sites to further improve coverage for our customers in Collingham/the NG23 7 postcode area.

Our top tips for staying connected would be to utilise local Wi-Fi hotspots and to download any content you need whilst connected to Wi-Fi so you can enjoy it on the move. In terms of indoor coverage, the signal does not always penetrate houses and cottages fully. Things like the topography, type of building and even the thickness of walls can have an impact on the signal strength indoors. One consideration for our customers in this area, if they have a broadband connection, would be Wi-Fi calling. This is an additional measure people can take when experiencing problems with indoor coverage for some of the reasons outlined as it does not rely on the mobile signal to connect calls. The following from Ofcom – Improving your indoor coverage – Ofcom provides some tips and advice on how to do this plus the following from our website should help your constituent

I will keep you updated as soon as I receive further information on the replacement site.

Kind regards,


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