Squirrels are coming!

We have exciting plans for the future and will be bringing you news about this through 2024. Squirrels is the new Section for children aged 4-5 years where we will help more young people gain skills for life where and when it matters most.

To enable a Squirrel Day to happen in Collingham we need two things to happen.

1. We need volunteers to help set it up and make it happen

If you can help on a Saturday morning for 1-2 hours (8.30-9am start) and want a rewarding volunteering opportunity click on the link and get in touch. Without volunteers it won’t happen. Click to volunteer

2. We need young people registered on our waiting list

If your child is aged 3-4 years and would like to register your child please follow this link. CLICK TO REGISTER A YOUNG PERSON

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